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The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

The redevelopment of the central city of Christchurch is an opportunity unlikely to be seen again in several lifetimes. While the redevelopment project promises many exciting investment opportunities it also creates much uncertainty for affected land owners. In this article, the {mds} law team reviews the opportunities and what landowners and developers need to do now that the plan has been unveiled.

Published on: 10/09/2012 | 

Changes in Consumer law – what’s in store?

The Consumer Law Reform Bill (Bill), currently with the Commerce Select Committee, is set to modernise consumer law in New Zealand and align it with Australian consumer law. In this article MDS Law Associate, Nichola Hiatt reviews the changes being proposed.

Published on: 29/08/2012 | 

KiwiSaver and first home purchases

If you are a first home buyer and a member of KiwiSaver, KiwiSaver may be a great help with the purchase of your home. KiwiSaver offers two features to help people into home ownership.

Published on: 7/08/2012 | 

Proposing a change of use - watch out for the pitfalls

The Canterbury Earthquake Order 2011 is designed to assist displaced businesses find alternative accommodation without requirements to comply with the City or District Plans or normal resource processes. MDS Law Associate and property specialist, John Wright, discusses what to watch out for.

Published on: 7/08/2012 | 

Tax Update - Earthquake Depreciation Issues

In this article we discuss changes to existing tax laws relating to depreciation arising from the Canterbury Earthquake events.

Published on: 7/08/2012 | 

Unit Titles 2012

The Unit Titles Act 2010 and the Unit Titles Regulation 2011 came into force on 20 June 2011. The 2010 Act replaces the 1972 Act save for certain features preserved under the transitional provisions. MDS Law Associate and specialist property advisor, John Wright, reviews the key features of the new Act.

Published on: 7/08/2012 | 


We all like to be in control of our own lives and protect our assets yet many of us do not like to think about our death. Making a will is often something you will consider later. NOT having a will can be costly and lead to stress and confusion for your loved ones in the event of your death.

Published on: 7/08/2012 | 

Abolition of Gift Duty

The abolition of gift duty took effect from 1 October 2011. In this article we discuss the implications arising from the abolition.

Published on: 7/08/2012 | 

Body Corporate Insurance and your entitlement to payment

In this article MDS Law Associate and property specialist, John Wright, reviews issues around Body Corporate Insurance arising from the Canterbury Earthquakes as deconstruction of developments is being pondered.

Published on: 7/08/2012 | 

Entering into a Sale & Purchase Agreement

All agreements for Sale and Purchase are contractually binding from the moment they are signed by both vendor and purchaser. Once an Agreement is signed it is governed by the contract conditions, specified in the General Terms of Sale number from 1 to 17 and any additional clauses added by the vendor or purchaser.

Published on: 3/08/2012


Neighbourhoods need trees. They provide food and shelter for birdlife, improve the quality of the air and beautify the city and landscape. Unfortunately they can also cause problems between neighbours – they can block the sun, damage drains and fences, and cause damage from falling branches.

Published on: 3/08/2012

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